Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions:

What is myTV?

myTV is a software for Windows operating systems that lets you watch Greek TV channels if you are living abroad. (It is not working on Android, IOS or Mac OS.)

What TV channels can be watched?

Alpha, Ant1, Mega, Open Beyond, Makedonia, Skai, Star, ERT 1, ERT 2, ERT 3.

I live in a different time zone, my favorite show airs when I'm sleeping.

You can watch your favorite show later. We record all the shows from all channels, and keep them for a whole week. So you have 168 hours to watch any show after its airtime.

What is the cost of your service?

You can buy a 30-day subscription for 19,95 EUR (0.67 EUR/day), or a 90-day subscription for 56,95 EUR (0.63 EUR/day). But you can try it our for free as a new user (3-day trial).

What service I get for my money?

You can watch 10 Greek TV channels live, and the same 10 channels recorded. And if you want, you can record shows to keep, it is a built-in function of myTV.

Where is myTV?

You can download it (myTV 4.2.2) from

What Windows versions are supported?

All of them, except the "N" or "KN" editions. These special editions don't include Windows Media Player by default. If you don't have Windows Media Player in your operating system, you need to download the Media Features Pack from

I have already installed myTV, but it isn't working.

You probably installed an outdated version. Download the new one (WebTV 4.2.2) from the link above. Only the new version is supported.

How to install/reinstall myTV?

If you have an old version, uninstall it first. Then delete your old files from C:\Program Files (x86)\myTV\. Now install WebTVSetup.exe, then you can start using it.

Here are the details: (1) Uninstall myTV. (2) Delete the remaining *.ini files from the C:\Program Files (x86)\myTV\ folder. (3) Download the latest version of myTV: (4) Install it. (5) Start it as Administrator. (6) Enter your personal details. (7) Enter your latest PIN code.

What can I do if myTV shows an error message, something like "10061 - Pins cannot be connected"?

If you get an error message (it can be something else, not only 10061), take these steps: close the running instance of myTV, then start it up again, but this time as administrator. How? Right mouse click on the myTV icon, and in the local menu select "Run as Administrator".

Detailed info about this error: When it says the pins cannot be connected it isn't about your PIN code, at all. These are the audio and video pins (connectors) of the software. Why can't they be connected? Because the software cannot check your system settings properly. It needs access to your system to be able to follow up the hardware changes (e.g.: your audio device can be changed by other programs). Well, when you are using a Windows account with limited access (guest account or a simple user account), the necessary info is not available for myTV. So you need to utilize the administrator account of your system. It is a built-in account in every Windows version. (You probably did not add a password to this Windows account, but if you did, you should know it.)

If it does not solve your problem, our service is probably down (e.g. we are restarting our servers). Try again in a few minutes.

Can I get a trial?

New users get 3 days of trial, it's automatic. If you used your trial days, you cannot get them anymore, the program does not let you use multiple trials. But if you ask us on chat, we may be able to add you a few hours to test the service.

How can I subscribe?

You need to be registered on the website. Log in, then use the Subscription link, and follow the steps. With your registration you can place an order on the website, but to pay you need to use your Skrill account.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is an independent payment provider, we just use its paygate. (So we do not know your Skrill password or your credit card details.)

Why my Skrill account isn't working?

When you create a new Skrill account, your account needs to be verified. Log in at, and start the verification process. Skrill needs to check that you are really you, not someone else who tries to use your identity. After the verification is done, you can use Skrill.

How can I pay with Skrill?

We suggest to use your credit card. When you are redirected to the Skrill paygate, you can select the credit card option (see the sample image: You don't need to deposit money to your Skrill Balance.

I bought a PIN code, but I haven't got it.

Use the Forgot Pincode link on, your PIN code will be there.

If you never get our email, maybe you are expecting it on the wrong address, or you just need to look into your spam folder. You can check and modify what email address is registered in your profile. Log in, click on the Profile link, then on the Settings link. Please use a valid email here.

When I enter my new PIN code, it says the PIN is not registered. What can I do?

You need to re-try, because this message only appears when you enter something incorrectly, e.g. when you miss a digit or the dash symbol, or write O (oh) instead of 0 (zero).