GreekLive TV!

You can watch all the best Greek channels wherever you are around the world. With the IP technology your location is not a burden any more when you want to watch your favourite Greek programs on TV. Just start the appliaction on your device of choice (Laptop, tablet, smart phone with Android or Mac) and there you go. Try it out for free and then choose from our very competatively priced packages. Watching Greek channels abroad has never been easier.

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Here you can dowload the software. Depending on your connection speed it sould not take more than a minute or two. After downloading you can install it with a few click. But why not have a quick look at the installation steps while you are waiting for the software to download? Click on the button below, save the file and scroll down for the installation instructions.

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Installing the software is easly as pie but you can look at the demonstration of the process here below.

Fig.1 Installation process has started.

Fig.2 At the first start please fill in your details,

Fig.3 The software is ready to use. Click on any channel to watch.

Fig.4 The channel has started, enjoy.

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